M | E | E | T
T | H | E
T | E | A | M

Man's most common necessity has never looked this good and here's the kicker, they've only gotten started! Meet the men who took an industry filled with faults and errors, and changed the game forever.

If your one of the lucky clients to find availability on Fridays or Saturdays, with either one of Shave Lounge's Master Barbers. It's likely you've booked a day or two in advance.

It's no wonder that the Shave Lounge Barber Shop is the hottest shop in the DWF Metroplex.

Yeah, like that!

The Shave Lounge is LIT! 
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JP Cutz

Co-Owner/Master Barber

JP possesses a keen proficiency in interpersonal communications, an essential capability in the barbering world. Along with his values, talent and logic, it's clear that JP will triumph beyond measure.

"Extraordinary people skills, compassion, and empathy are what sets the stage for any success in life", says JP.

JP is recognized by many as a veteran in the industry. Most importantly, to those he holds dear to heart, he's known as;
Hubby, Daddy, Hijo, Brother, and Fam.

E The Barber

Co-Owner/Master Barber

Edgar epitomizes the true definition of work ethic, diligence, and passion for his craft. His philosophical perception of all, is what brings life to his vision. 

"Best career in the world! Who can honestly say they love their job this much and get rewarded for it?"
says Edgar.

Edgar's growing aspirations reflect in his rapid progression, plus being a tenured Sales Broker doesn't hurt either. If success is contagious, it's no wonder why he's admired by all who walk along side with him. 

Wanna chop it up
with the team?

Drop JP & Edgar a hotline and find out...